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Improve client engagement with PracticeLink®

Building on ten years of research and development, PracticeLink is our industry-leading IP practice management software solution. Within the PracticeLink product suite, we provide innovative technology solutions to create new opportunities and overcome challenges in an ever-evolving and competitive space.

Competition for great clients is fierce, and clients are demanding great service at a great price. Retaining and attracting clients is essential to a firm’s success. PracticeLink provides the following modules for improving client engagement:

Soft Docket enables firms to better respond to Client Instructions (or Outside Counsel Guidelines) by incorporating these requirements into the technology and moving away from “sticky note management” or tribal knowledge. By building client requirements into the system, firms can avoid unforced errors that can be embarrassing or worse.

Client Reporting delivers information to clients as soon as it becomes available – a common requirement in Client Instructions. Instead of waiting for a member of your prosecution team to forward pertinent emails and documents to a client, you can configure the system to notify them immediately (or create a draft that you can review before it’s sent).

Extranet is the final piece in the client engagement puzzle. Exposing pertinent prosecution information to a secured and externally available portal enables clients to review progress at their convenience.

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