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Assign the right person to the right task with PracticeLink®

Building on ten years of research and development, PracticeLink is our industry-leading IP practice management software solution. Within the PracticeLink product suite, we provide innovative technology solutions to create new opportunities and overcome challenges in an ever-evolving and competitive space.

Smart firms are automatically routing work to the right resource at the right time. Dashboards containing pressing deadlines and direct access to essential information streamline a process that historically relied on researching multiple systems to find answers. PracticeLink provides the following modules for streamlining the IP prosecution process:

WorkPortal is the central component to PracticeLink, as it provides the platform for role-specific dashboards, smart routing of task resolution, and the popular electronic tri-fold – a virtual representation of the traditional physical folder with different sections dedicated to specific types of information.

Document Center is our latest feature within WorkPortal that enables users to select multiple documents within a specific docket and combine them into a single PDF for review. Document creation happens in real-time, so users are able to create custom combinations at will.

Docket Clearing enables practitioners to mark multiple dockets for clearing, simplifying the process, especially for ‘docket’ scenarios where deadlines are client-driven as opposed to statutory.

Last Day List provides an aggregation of all deadlines for tomorrow. Management can use this report to enforce compliance, thereby avoiding unnecessary fines or worse.

Reference Link provides tools for creating and managing Matter Families, Prior Art references, and References previously submitted within the Matter Family – essential elements for a comprehensive and accurate IDS Generation process.

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